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It only took me a few months to get around to watching Guardians of the Galaxy. Look, I’m a busy guy- ah no, I’m not. The point is people were saying that it was good, people I talk to and like even! I was thinking I was going to have to settle watching it on dvd or something, but luckily they were showing it at the Brew and View series at the Vic theater, which is a good spot to watch movies because you get 2-3 flicks for five American dollars and they have beer! The last time I went to the Vic I saw Anthrax, Testament, and I got there in time to miss Death Angel for the 3rd time in a row. They just got a fancy new digital projector at the Vic and I wanted to check that out as well.

After getting off the train my first stop was Dark Matter Coffee’s Osmium branch. Of course they had some delicious coffee and it was a bargain at 2.50 for a bottomless cup. There are at least 8 machetes on the wall, psychedelic art, a nice old school wooden bar and furniture to match. It was better than killing time at the L & L, because it lacks the sheer amount of gloom of the bar and I got delicious coffee.  Thus armed with the warm feeling of optimism, which was mostly the caress of sweet lady caffeine, I headed to the movie.

When I first heard that they were releasing a movie based on Guardians of the Galaxy my first reaction was a solid, “Who?” And I’m not some comic book noob either, I know who Devil Dinosaur is! The movie centers around Peter “Starlord” Quill getting a ragtag crew together to retrieve a mysterious mcguffin – I mean artifact  that a lot of not very nice people want to get, which will result in a hell of a payday for everyone involved. Pretty standard, but man it’s funny and there’s a lot of heart in the movie. You see Rocket, a genetically modified raccoon, who isn’t even aware what a raccoon is, drinking and gambling and then expressing outraged sorrow over being torn apart and put back together like “some kind of monster!” and it works! Everyone is thought out pretty well character wise, nice and solid, not really sinking into “who is that again?” pitfall that can hamper team movies. Everything looks really cool too, the cgi isn’t very obtrusive or anything, but I saw it in 2d as it was the only way available to me, but even if I had the chance I would’ve still gone with 2d as 3d is a cheap gimmick to take more of my money. I saw Godzilla in 3d and I would’ve like it just as much in 2d, and if Godzilla (my patron saint) can’t convince me that 3d is the way to go then nothing will. Like in the Avengers the whole team doesn’t get along all the time, but unlike the Avengers it doesn’t come off as petty, but it does get pretty funny. The whole flick is packed with lots of humor, which is great because it balances out some of the more sombre parts of the movie. The action scenes are nice and crisp, space ship scenes reminiscent of a tight video game. The best thing about the movie is that the characters don’t carry much baggage as more familiar characters, as in “Wolverine isn’t that tall. There’s no way Thor sounds like that. The comic book costumes are better,” and so on. The movie was directed by James Gunn who is responsible for the classic Slither, which you should watch right away if you dig old school, gory as fuck horror movies. One of the downsides was the sound at the Vic, way too much treble and some of the softer, lower voices were muddy, at least it was loud. The picture was really good, but it’s been a really long time since I’ve seen a crappy looking movie at a theater, usually it’s because of the movie itself and not the hardware. Now someone get on that Devil Dinosaur movie!

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