I think we’ve got some hoon trouble…

Hey. Have you seen the new trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road? No? You must!
HELL FUCKING YEAH THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. If we get anything out of this flick at least it’s this fucking cool trailer! There’s lots of explosions, tantalizing glimpses into craziness, and this huge dramatic music that really appeals to that part of me that asks for this sort of ridiculous thing. The music is one of my favorite parts of the the trailer, when it starts swelling up at 49 seconds in and crests at 1:11 makes it almost seem like a musical. I think that’s from Verdi’s requiem like the rest of the music, but I could be wrong.

I don’t know how big the appeal of a trailer like that is going to be, it’s violent and chaotic, there’s no real sense of what the story that’s being told. All of that is totally fine with me because I remember George Miller said something to the effect that he wanted to make a 110 min long car chase. It also helps that I’ve been a fan of the Mad Max movies since I can remember and an enthusiast of the whole genre for the same amount of time. I know that society breaking down is horrible, I think of the Balkans, Somalia, Syria, (there’s more but those are the ones that came off the top of my head) shit hit the fan there and it is scary. I look at black friday videos that they show on the news with a wink and a nudge and think, how would these people react if the food was running out? It’s depressing as fuck to think about, but damn if I still don’t play Fallout 3 until I struggle to keep my eyes open. A part of me says, “goddamnit, you’d survive, you’d have a hell of a time! It’s what you were born for!” But the more rational part, the part that has kept me from fucking up in really serious ways, knows that I don’t even like it when it dips below 35 degrees and will take sometimes take a cab because I don’t feel like waiting for a bus even when it’s 70 degrees, what the fuck am I going to do if the roads are bombed out and it’s -35 and there are people looking to EAT ME? How the hell am I suppose to start a fire in the rain? If a hangover can knock me down for a day, what will happen if I get a stomach virus from eating a lumpy can of dog food? I don’t even like eating animals when they look like animals now, what if I have to roast a dog? That’s just the tip of the iceberg and those are just things that come up for me, what if someone else is depending on me? Oh wow this post got morose in what might be a record time for me (usually it’s much faster). ANYWAY.

Did you know that Mad Max and The Escape from New York/LA movies take place in the same universe? Here’s how it goes down: Escape from NY is the first movie, there’s still some kind of order in the world. Mad Max follows EfNY as society has crumbled further, but there’s still rules, but the rules are more frayed and tenuous in Aus. Escape from LA is the third in the series, there’s been lots of catastrophic environmental changes and the world is at the brink of war, exacerbated by the pool of resources growing ever smaller. As we all know at the end of the movie, Snake Plissken ends up with the remote that controls the EMPs that can destroy life as we know it, so as a big fuck you to everyone, he uses it to release the blasts upon the entire world.

Since Aus. is not a big mover and shaker in the world due to the fragmentation of its society there’s no EMP satelite directly over it, but they still get some of it to destroy sensitive things like computers but not enough to render some heartier motors and such inoperable. Thus the Road Warrior takes place a while after Escape from LA.

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