on my knees in anguish, shaking my fist at the sky

Tomorrow is suppose to be so cold that the Chicago Park district has gone and canceled “All outdoor ice rinks & outdoor programming…” I guess that means that they’re going ahead and not opening up the rinks. Too cold to ice skate, how is that even possible? The idea of whipping around on the ice during at least -5 is masochistic at best. I’m sitting here, listening to Minor Threat, drinking a not cold enough Anti Hero by Rev. Brew, and constantly checking my mail hoping that they have gone ahead and canceled some training thing. Just a few days ago I was talking to a guy and he said, “It’s snowing, it’s nice.” I said, “If I was a less stubborn man this weather would have me on my knees in anguish, shaking my fist at the sky as my tears froze.” They just nodded.  They say that misery builds character, that the cold makes you tough, yeah sure, whatever. It feels like a Jack London story out there. Today it hurt to breath in hard, it was sort of glorious, like a sharp knife.

Another great cold story is The Gray. I didn’t know what to expect exactly, but immediately after I finished watching it I sent a text message to lots of people that read something like, “OH FUCK. THE GREY OWNS. IT OWNS.” If aliens abducted me and I had to show them movies to help them understand humanity, The Gray would be up there, because it’s one of those “fuck you I will survive” flicks, and that’ll show the aliens to not fuck with humanity.

Okay, both of those aren’t exactly things with happy endings, but they are galvanizing in the face of this pointless cold. One day I will live in the desert and I will look fondly back upon the time when ice was piled knee high and solidified water in fractal patterns fell from the sky.

INFINITE JEST. The eschaton scene was one of the funniest things I’ve ever read! I’m a little past that, just beyond Mario’s puppet movie and the establishment of the Interlace system. The range of this book is amazing, from some bleak fucking harrowing horror show to lying there way past your bed time laughing your head off or vice versa within a few pages. The soundtrack for this book, for me anyway, includes Pink Floyd, some noise shit like Whitehouse, some sort of Wayne Newton stuff, and this song by the Decemberists. I can’t belive I sat through a whole Decemberists song. Also Lexicon Devil by the Germs

I have now switched over to whiskey.

In the morning I heard that NPR was interviewing both Syrian ministers of defense, Syria having 2 governments which are at war with each other. If it wasn’t so sad it would’ve been funny. Ah, who am I kidding, I laughed anyway.

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