this whole thing is a scam


This week I read Foundation by Asimov. The cover is pretty cool, a very realistic cover of an old man in a wheel chair in some kind of tube, it would make a great prog rock album cover. Foundation is about this guy who says that the galactic empire is decaying and he sets up this whole scheme to cut the 10,000 years of dark ages to a mere 1,000 years of barbarism, and it follows up on a few key guys every few decades. It’s kinda cool, a sorta parallel to the fall of Rome if someone saw it coming. I can’t help but to think that Warhammer 40,000 takes place in a universe where the Foundation doesn’t exist and everything is just pointless war. I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of bloodshed in the book, but any Asimov I’ve read isn’t exactly something that covered in the burning ozone smell of a neat, yet bloody energy holes in someone. I read this thing in like 3 days so I can’t say I didn’t like it, but that ending is so abrupt and lacking in closure that I would be really shocked if people didn’t see it as part of a series. It didn’t quite scratch my itch for some fucked up sci fi, a la Phillip Jose Farmer or the latter volumes of the Forever War trilogy by  Joe Haldeman.

I also got A People’s History of the United States from the library, which I have tried to read before, but it bummed so much in the first chapter that I would stop reading it. Now I’m reading it and it just makes me angry. It’s not a good book to read on my way to work. It just reinforces one of my strongest beliefs: this whole thing is a scam, and I am a sucker for going along with it. It also raises the question of what can I do about it?

My whole intention to go and type this entry was to put an entry up, but after several drinks and thinking about Zinn’s book, all I want to do is just say fuck it all and sit here in the quiet, drinking a beer and listening to music.

CHECK THIS OUT: The music from the Fury Road trailer is detailed right here. Good fucking music, big and sweeping enough to make the whole thing seem almost like a musical.

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