fan fiction about reality

A while back ago I noticed all sorts of weird news stories that popped up together, a pope’s blood got stolen, a ship full of rats, the human crew having mysteriously disappeared, was slowly making its way to Ireland and then it just vanished. There was a few other stories in the same vein, of course I came to the conclusion that it was a secret occult war going on. A few days ago I saw a picture on imgur of a bunch of crows or ravens standing in a field or something and all of them were facing in the same direction, like they were paying close attention to something. Earlier today I read about a priest who took to a helicopter so he could bless a whole town, like Rambo on a gunship, pumping the baddies encampment with lead. Apparently there had been a rash of church break ins and vandalism. Clearly that’s not the whole story. They might say that the collection box was taken, but what of the pilfered safe underneath the altar and the runes that have inscribed in the stones of the church? I’m pretty sure that it happened in Italy, and who knows what relics those old churches contain? Ha ha, no I haven’t lost my grip on reality, think of it as fan fiction about reality. I just dig weird stories like that, you know, not like “omg look at this ufo video” or all like “Lady Gaga is an Illumanti puppet” or “the rulers of the world are reptoids.” But look at this: Massive prehistoric monolith found in the Mediterranean.

While on the subject of weirdness, I just found out about Hoia Baciu forest, the “Bermuda Triangle” of Romania. It’s got some weird looking trees, but judging from one of my former coworkers stories about growing up in Romania it’s par for the course. But who doesn’t like a good haunted forest?

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