aquamarine flash

I have almost filled up a notebook. Here are some haikus from it. There would be more but I’m pretty tough on notebooks so a bunch of pages fell out, I have no idea where. Also a few from pocket notebooks and a folded up piece of paper.

where the el bends south
a tree peppered with colors
heavy with autumn

now the sun is valiantly fighting through the clouds

in the morning
singing high low before dawn
a bird unseen

rabbit tracks melting
into frozen tire ruts
firm snow crunching soft

scattered among slush
the frozen petals
look soft as sherbet

the false hope of ice
melting fast in early feb
an unseen crow laughs

crow lands on
fresh snow piled on
the fire escape

flipping through the air
a black balloon leaking helium
blue sky church bells


left upside down in
the sun a television
and a dvd

floating in a puddle
alongside an empty beer can
cherry blossoms

riding on the train
gray sky gray buildings
aquamarine flash

wobbling in the breeze
an orange deck umbrella
the hum of ACs

cradled in her arms
a twelve pack of tecate
early evening train

a heavy wool coat
hangs on young tree
from a wire clothes hanger

leopard print scalp man
comes in seeking metric screws
his name is gregory

sunlight painting
bricks orange
high pitched cicada drones

tom cruise escapes!
elvis did not have to die!
today’s headlines

after the rainstorm
a long wide puddle holds
a cross

thick gray clouds
the furrowed brows
of an old man

a prairie
enshrouded in a
chain link fence

fruit flies
buzzing in the store
i don’t see any fruit

sipping tepid tea
waiting for closing time
i might get rained on

filling up the seams
between floor slats

the rattling of
the paint shaker
as customers whine

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