(life could be a dream)

Kids are dumb as hell. Example no. 281902: When I was a little kid there was an actual oldies station, 104.3 fm, and they played oldies and big band music. I hated it. I distinctly remember sitting in the back of my dad’s red 1980 something crown vic, with matching red seats, and the station was on and thinking, “yuck.” I started actually liking oldies maybe a year or so of listening to the Ramones, which was it’s own thing because I thought they were too fucking soft! But something made me keep listening to the Ramones, and thus I checked out the original versions of Let’s Dance and of course Surfin’ Bird, and here we are. Getting into ska (and reggae and rocksteady, all of that really) probably helped push me into that path as well, big horns, big melodies, good times. One of the biggest reasons I bought Fallout 3 is because I saw that trailer with I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire by the Inkspots. Anyway what was I getting at? Right. I heard this song earlier and I thought, this would be perfect for Fallout, Sh Boom (life could be a dream) by the Chords

Also when I was a kid B96 made me car sick. Most radio makes me sick nowadays. My favorite radio station was 103.5 THE ROCK. It introduce me to bands like Thin Lizzy, White Zombie, Black Sabbath, Ted Nugent, Judas Priest, Megadeth, I swear I heard the Smashing Pumpkins and Iron Maiden for the first time on that station. There’s no decent rock station in Chicago at all, which is a shame because the most interesting radio stations don’t have city wide reach, and it leaves us rockers to fend for ourselves, grudgingly listening to the goddamn Loop. The Loop has gotten so bad I don’t even drunk dial them anymore.

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