In my collection of audio tapes (of course i refuse to say collection of vintage audio tapes. Is it because some of them are very modern or because i refuse to acknowledge my decent into decrepitude? Who knows, who knows…) I found a tape simply labeled, “Nirvana/rusted root” in what may have been blue ink at the time, but is now more of a light gray. Now the reason I know it’s one of my tapes is because it’s on a JVC tape, whereas my tapes tend to be Maxells or Sony tapes. The former because I get them at walgreens, 90 min ones. I’m sure one can get more technical about it, but I’m not that kind of dude. Anyway, on the tape is question there is some Nirvana, and maybe some Rusted Root, I don’t know those guys at all, but better yet there’s a whole bunch of recording straight off the radio, DJ banter from Q 101 straight out of 1994! One of the big rumors that the DJ announces is that Nirvana might headline Lolapalooze that year! There’s a promo about attending the saturday night “alternative dance party” at the Dragon Room, a “club within a club.” Shit, I remember that! I remember thinking that it might be cool to go to, but inhabiting weird night clubs seemed like such a stretch to me when I was 9 years old. I’m going to listen all the tape all the way through.

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