the freak factor

I love a good animal rampage story. For example, there was an elephant knocking stuff over in India! There’s a bit of underwhelming video in the story, but the picture of the wacky pachyderm getting craned is totally worth gawking at just for the freak factor alone. In the story they also mention the leopard that mauled a few people in India as well, which sounds horrible, and it is! But still funny.  I wonder how many leopards hunted down and ate our ancestors in the time before recorded history. The pictures are entertaining, as it looks like the people getting attacked aren’t putting up much fight, “Well, this is inconvenient!” As opposed to, “Holy fuck, I’m going to get eaten!” There’s one on the CNN version where there is a dude watching another dude get hauled down by the beast, and first guy is just standing there with his arms crossed looking all like, “Well… it got Bob. Maybe I’ll get his office.”

The best animal story I’ve read this week is, “Thieving monkey bound and caged in India’s Mumbai.” There are so many ludicrous things about it! You really gotta look at that, even just for the picture for the tied up monkey. “Later the shackles were removed from the monkey and it was placed in the cage, where it ate grapes and looked forlornly at the crowd of staring onlookers.” HA HA HA HA! India seems fucking wild man.

2016 being the Year of the Monkey, I look forward to many more entertaining monkey and ape related news throughout the year. It’s so weird how people don’t keep up with ape news. I had to show my coworkers both the monkey selfie (and that whole debacle) and even ikea monkey, who is an icon of our modern times.


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