I’m not Moses with the stone laws here

St. Patrick’s day is less than a month away, not even a full month, just cause it’s a leap year Feb doesn’t get to call itself a real month because it has another measly 24 hrs attached to it. Which means that my birthday is even closer. I am not freaking out about it. Instead I’m pondering about giving people a heads up so they can join me if they want. Last year was good. I got out of work. Walked up Clark and had an early dinner of fish and chips at Duke of Perth, I got a bit drunk there, and eventually met up with one of my friends. Then we drank. There was more people involved, but only like 2 or 3 more, it’s actually kind of blurry thinking about it now (or it’s the creeping fog of old age forgetfulness(no. it’s the booze)). Here’s what I’m thinking for this year:

  1. I set a place to meet up. Invite people on fb or whatever. I already know what to call it, “Drink Alone With Me; The Occasion Being That I had Arrived On Earth.” The description would be something like, “You read the title. I’ll be at Goldie’s, drinking til I can’t feelings no more and hijacking the jukebox. Stop by if you want, I’m not Moses with the stone laws here, it’s a mostly free country. No presents. No cake.” Pro: Drinking at a centralized location that’s also within stumbling distance from my house. Con: Goldie’s can be a bummer.
  2. This is the most likely one. A live tweet Event of my trademark Walking And Drinking. Probably centered around where I work because I will more than likely be working that day. Pro: Drinking. Con: The neighborhood I work in. Pro: Lots of bars.

Either way there will probably be tacos involved at some point in the night. I wish Neo was still around because then no.2 would be more of a likely scenario. I usually spend my birthdays by myself because it freaks me out that people are extra nice to me because I was born.

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