Where the hell was I going with this?

Oh right. Yesterday I got my third LP ever, Legacy of Brutality by the Misfits. Now, I’m not one of those people who claim that vinyl sounds better than CDs, you know those people. It might sound better if one had a hell of a system, but I got a boom box with a aux cord plug in socket. It’s fine for what I use it for, listening to loud music about bathing the blood of your enemies. Maybe, if I had the money and room for it I could swing a decent stereo, but on the other hand fuck it, I got nice headphones. Adequecy, a fucking pit if anything.

My main arguement against the whole “LPs sound better” arguement is that when people listen to music on vinyl now, what they do is actually listen to music. That shit doesn’t happen with CDs, mp3s, and streaming services at all. When I cook I must have music on, I have to, IT’S IMPORTANT, so on goes pandora (always on shuffle). There are very few things finer than cooking and listening to good tunes, it makes the food taste better I say. It’s ridiculous really. A sight to behold. But I’m not just sitting there listening to tunes. When I drive I pick out a couple of CDs to listen to, but I’m not really paying attention to them much, sure I may be screaming to For Whom the Bell Tolls but I’m actually driving. A while back ago I was hanging out with one of my good friends and we put on some tunes on a record player and we just sat there and listened to it. We had a beer and sat there. It was fine, it was fun, I dig that shit. It’s a shame I don’t just listen to music with as much attention as I should. Just sit there and absorb it.

The thing I ‘m digging about LPs is that this is a great chance to have yet another collection of music that is PURE and TRUE. Now I have a chance to have a bunch of tunes free of poorly thought out choices. Not buying stuff because I was stoned and it sounded good at the time, or shit that I read about in a magazine that seemed cool, or even albums bought out of pity. A collection driven by research, seeing bands live, and recommendations by people I know and trust, and a dusting of plain old curiosity. I like the sheer physicality of LPs, but I also like CDs because of stuff like that, of course I also got a good hoard of books when I could just have an e-reader. I’m that kind of dude, fuck your magic of tidying up, I’m all about dark rituals based around plastic and sonic waves of boogie mayhem. Goddamnit.

What am I reading right now? The Rise of Rome by Anthony Everitt, while being really good (i thought i had a pretty good handle on Roman history, but man I don’t really), has been supplanted by How To Write About Music from the folks that do the 33 1/2 series of books. It has all sorts of stuff in it, which I dig, and it’s about music, which is essential.

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