What’s the equivalent of pulling a muscle, but for your voice? I’m pretty sure that just happened to me earlier as I drove home/sang along to Queen. The combination of lack of water, terrible pizza, and talking to people all day was too much to even try to try to sing like Freddy. I should’ve seen that coming, but goddamn I have that Greatest Hits album in the car in order to have something to sing along to. I’m surprised that I don’t have more singable stuff in the car, sure I got Judas Priest’s Greatest Hits, Kiss’ Destroyer, that one cdr that has like 10 Misfits songs in a row, but that’s pretty much it. There’s also a bunch of cds I got at the Chirp record fair for like 4 for a buck or something insane, most of those aren’t great and barely listenable, not because it’s not good, but because traffic in this town is fucking rage inducing like a motherfucker. What keeps me chill? Music I can sing along to and, of course, heavy fucking metal that I can hit the hell out of the steering wheel to, ideally it’s both, like in the case of Metallica’s Ride the Lightning.

The first time I remember hearing/seeing Queen was surely (after sifting through many a video) a replay of their 1985 Live Aid concert. I was in the room by myself. The sun lit up the white walls of the room, but not as bright as Freddy Mercury. Luckily my Mom loves Queen and she happened to have a version of Greatest Hits on tape. Man, I played that thing so much that it broke. Luckily Mom came to the rescue again and managed to tape it up, sure there was a weird hitch in We Will Rock You, so much so that I still fumble at the full version, but so it goes. By then I already liked Poison and Metallica so seeing Queen was like a small explosion in my brain, so big, so epic, so awesome and not in the cheap way that everything is awesome nowadays. Awe inspiring. Queen is one of those few bands that I didn’t reject when I really got into heavy metal for not being metal enough (I had the weirdest music taste as a kid. I loved Queen, Metallica, and Micheal Jackson. To this day I contend that Off the Wall is one of the greatest albums of all time. I liked the Scorpions a lot. I played the hell out of my Metal Health by Quiet Riot tape) It hasn’t been that long that I have come along and embraced my fondness for hair metal, and I kinda want to really see Guns and Roses. Of course I’ve never seen Queen. But last time I saw Brian May on tv he looked like some kind of space wizard that didn’t require air to breathe just shredding is enough to keep him alive. He looked like what Dr Who wants to be. Fucking crazy.


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