the stale twinky of what the fuck is going on

Some good trailers coming out of Comic Con, Kong: Skull Island (aha I get to use my Year of the Monkey Tag. It’s not over until the fat monkey sings!), Batman lego movie, Dr. Strange, and of course Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur, which sounds like a skit from a sketch comedy show but it’s all too real.  The Justice League trailer was ok. I’m kind of overloaded on superhero movies. I like that people are getting exposed to these characters that I have grown up reading and being interested in, that’s cool. But man, the JL movie looks like it’s riding the coat tails like crazy of one mouse owned franchise. Not Star Wars. The best trailer I saw was the one for Luke Cage, so fucking cool. The music! The way it make LC look strong as fucking hell, mighty. Something that recent Superman movies haven’t done for Superman! What’s not exposed is what’s going on in comics during comic con. I’m pretty sure that’s on me though, I don’t really read too many comics now. Except that new Punisher book, because the Punisher rules. I might read more comics than the average person if I actually think about it, but it’s stuff I pick up the library and the once in the blue moon stuff I get at things like CAKE.

I bet that all the movie stuff is what’s driving the seemingly constant rebooting of bot Marvel and DC’s universes. It happens like every year now. Sure we get a bunch of Ghostriders in a race to the death, but that’s just some delicious frosting on the stale twinky of what the fuck is going on.

For once I am on the whole watching the same thing everyone is watching wagon with Stranger Things. It’s a show about a kid who disappears under and it’s affect on his friends, family, and town. It features a good amount of stuff that’s familiar to me because I spent a lot of my time reading about aliens, ufos, and whatnot. It’s about to get spoilery…

One of the things one stumbles into while reading these things is that sometimes the aliens aren’t from outer space, but rather a form of beings from a different dimension. So far that’s what the monster seems to be, some kind of inter-dimensional being as opposed to a straight up alien. Another odd thing is that when someone disappears under shady circumstances and their body isn’t found until later, people who are close to that person claim that corpse isn’t the person. Sometimes the family refers to the body as a “thing,” which is what Joyce says when she’s confronted by the body of her son, Will in the morgue. There’s also a lot of human experimentation done by the government, usually using non human tech, which is what I think is going on with El. And of course let us no forget the shadowy government base. All of  that stuff is pulled from ufo conspiracy lore. I saw a post on facebook casually mentioning some illuminati stuff too (the person who put it up is also, I’m pretty sure, mostly entertained by these kind of things than actually being a true believer), but I don’t know too much about that stuff. One can take only so many conspiracy theories at a time you know. I haven’t seen all the episodes yet, I had to watch all of Bojack Horseman’s latest season in one afternoon (IT’S VERY GOOD) and I got a firm limit on watching binge watching one season of one tv show per day off.

I really dug that stuff when I was a kid, but luckily I was also fascinated by science fiction, which probably saved me from really believing in this crazy shit. Fake stories inoculated me against “the truth” by informing me that people can make the craziest shit up. I still will occasionally dip a toe into the vast, dark waters of ufos and cryptozoolgy and so forth, but because it amuses. The real truth is probably more horrible than even the most vicious reptilian ruling class.

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