we’ll be getting closer to shivering in the dark

A customer came into the store today and like usual I asked him if he was looking for anything in particular. “I need something to kill insects.” “Okay, what kind of bugs are you sending to their demise?” “There’s these bugs, in the trees or maybe in the bushes, but they make this horrible noise, high pitched.” “Those are cicadas. Sure you can try to use this spray, but it’ll also kill other bugs like bees and spiders, but they’ll show up again.” “They are horrible! The noise they make!” Now this guy seems to be in his mid twenties, regular dude vibe. At this point one of my co workers pipes in, “Bro, cicadas are harmless.” I did a there you go hand gesture. Dude, dejected now, says, “But they are loud.” “I know man. But you just gotta tune them out, like car alarms and emergency sirens. They’ll be gone in a few weeks at most, which means we’ll be getting closer to shivering in the dark.” “Oh ok. Well… thanks.” Off he went to be assailed by the unmerciful drone of the cicadas.

I’m reading Freak Show by Robert Bogden, which is about the history of the freak show. It’s interesting, but I’ve always been intrigued by that sort of thing. People say that freaks aren’t a thing now, but during this season of America’s Got Talent there were 2 great freak show acts, Ryan Stock & Amber Lynn and Baron of the Universe. Cars get pulled by nipples, a meat hook gets inserted into skull cavities, it’s great stuff! It’s not only entertaining, but it’s traditional as fuck. I’m pretty early in on Freak Show, thus far quickly covering a history of displaying humans, from dime museums to the circus. I often like I missed out on not running away to join the circus. Ah well. Also reading BleakWarrior by Alistair Rennie, and that is a whole other level of madness, perversion and violence, I highly recommend it.

All reports say that the legendary Two Way Lounge is indeed closed. Ah, what heartache. It truly was a wretched hive of villany and scum, I liked it a lot and enjoyed every single time I was there. The first I went the friend I was meeting up with there introduced me to some dude who was playing pool. I said “Hey how’s it going?” “Great man great. I just got out of prison so everything is alright now.” “What? You’re kidding.” “I’m for real dog.” “Hey I’m a terrible pool player, but you want a shot?” “Nah, I’m good.” Dude had a knife in a sheath on his belt. How I will miss that bar. Luckily I stopped by on friday night. Saw a few people I know, saw a dude pick a fight (which ultimately turned into nothing), met some interesting characters, had a couple of shots and a few beers, heard someone make a big speech about willing to stab someone else, but not hurt him, no just stab him in the “ass meat”. Then I headed over to the Mutiny, it was S & Night. I saw a very small person spank a giant crossdresser. Of course there was a sign up sheet where one could sign up to get flogged. Good music. Then my friend and I went to get tacos. A rich full evening.

There’s a new, that is to say previously unreleased comedy album by George Carlin coming out soon. Here’s a good preview via Splitsider.

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