but here we are

At the booze store today I saw Chaucer brand mead and I was all “might
We buy this mead because we can get trashed and couplets we could write
such as ‘looking for something that would be more stimulating that wine
we should invest in this honeyed drink we could enjoy after we dine,
a nice boozy kick that after a while would have us sort of incoherent
an ancient airy booze enjoyed of in ancient days better than beer aint it?’“

Wait is that how couplets are? It’s been a long time since anyone has brought them up. You’d be surprised how little poetic terms come up in day to day life, but here we are.

I was watching the greatest video a few days ago. How hot dogs are made. Oh wow, you gotta watch that thing, it is grotesquely fascinating. I want to project that video on a huge format, just let it roll for like hours on end. Better yet put that on and listen to the Naked City or something like that. I bet that any music will sync up to that video in such a way that you’d swear it was made for it. How It’s Made is one of my favorite tv shows of all time because it’s so engrossing. My favorite episode is The Sandwich Factory. You know those sandwiches you get at walgreens, 7-11, and vending machines? Well they gotta come from somewhere and that some where is a factory that just makes sandwiches. There’s a machine which has only one purpose for existing and it’s to spread mayonnaise on bread! There are robots that squeeze out mustard. Oh sure it sounds like some kind of Seussian wonderland, but it’s real and it’s sorta grim. People have to work there (not just wiener handlers, but engineers, accountants, packers), animals need to get butchered to make cold cuts, there’s a distribution system, there’s a bottom line!

When I was a kid I was intrigued by the ancient romans. No specific reason for it, I just thought they were neat. I read a few books and got more than the basic gist, but then something or another intrigued me and I moved on. Now I’m reading The Rise of Rome by Anthony Everitt, it’s like catching up with someone you had nearly forgotten about.

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