good psychedelic sheen

For dinner last night I had the second half of a sandwich I had for lunch and right before heading into the metro I had a shot of whiskey followed by an energy drink. Which tells you that I am a cheap date/a sad person. Thus prepared I walked into the Metro like I’ve done on many, many other occasions. The Metro is one of my favorite venues despite the fact that I’ve been kicked out twice (“I’m sorry, I thought this was a rock and roll show! Get offa me!” – me), it’s got a good vibe for the most part, plenty of vantage points and places to hang out. The floor is it’s real down fall, either cheap movie house sticky or slick as oil the second a drop of beer hits it and making you lose your footing and you look like a stooge. There I was. Tuesday night. Sure things change. I don’t see many people straight up smoking joints at smaller venues anymore, mainly due to the indoor smoking ban, but people get high with TECHNOLOGY now. Vape pens with some sort of weed oil in it, ELECTRIC JOINTS, THE FUTURE MAN. Or you could just get fucked up before hand, which isn’t a bad idea at the Metro, what with a few cool bars just steps away. Or fuck it, get messed up at the venue. They got Murphy’s Irish Stout, which is like if Guiness gave up any pretentiousness. Just don’t get the well whiskey, I have learned this the hard way, a few times.

I had entirely missed The Shrine, a band that I would seemingly love, but at best enjoy. On record they sound anemic and entirely too clean. But they got good guitar lines and a good hard rocking vibe, which actually shine brightly on stage. They would be a stellar band to see at some horrible dive, especially if you had never heard of them. Yeah you could do bong hits to them, but from a not so well constructed home made bong, where you can taste the fumes of the whiffle ball bat it’s made from.

Danava was on stage when I went in. They play almost NWOBHM style rock, they got these great power metalish guitars, all with a good psychedelic sheen to it. The bass player was playing a Dust t shirt so they got a bit of respect from me just because of that. I had a strong feeling of deja vu seeing them last night, I might have seen them before under much blurrier conditions. They were seriously on point last night.

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats came on promptly at ten and proceeded to fucking rock. Sure Black Sabbath may be in the midst of calling it quits, but like Shub-Niggurath they have spawned 1000 young and in turn those continue to churn out mutants. Uncle Acid are clearly the children/cult of Black Sabbath. They don’t play stoner metal as so much as they play absolutely bummer metal. The crowd was moderately rowdy, not too much moshing, but lots of fist in the air and headbanging. There’s something comfortably ritualistic about violently nodding in the direction of LOUD NOISE. One could see that crowd at an Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats show is a clear example of D.A.R.E. being a failure. Only the drug addled and liking it go to heavy metal shows wearing flip flops (I guess they were dress up flip flops, but still). U.A. They played for a good long while, lost some steam a bit more than halfway through, but they rallied and depressed/buoyed all those involved. Good times.

I also saw Baroness a few weeks ago. That was just epic. EPIC.

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