action figures based on East of Eden

I read The Corrections because a friend recommended it because they said that I should read some pop fiction and I was all like, “Like what?”I don’t know if this qualifies as pop fiction because while it’s not a hard read it’s pretty deep and sometimes emotionally wrenching. I tried reading other books by Franzen but never got more than a couple dozen pages at most. But I’m a trouper (i just just recently found out that it’s not trooper!) and I saw it like taking some medicine, it may not be up to my taste, but I might come out better at the end of it. I wasn’t a fan of any of the characters, and everyone pretty much had it coming. I wonder if it’s because they are unlikable or because Franzen hates them? It was funnier than I had imagined. Dug all the call backs even though they almost smack one right in the face. And I kind of liked how it seems like a bunch of interconnected stories as opposed to one big novel. There was one part that almost derailed my reading, it’s almost a parody, “Ringing throughout the house was an alarm bell that no one but Alfred and Enid could hear directly. It was the alarm bell of anxiety.”I was also surprised that no one ended up getting shot with that gun. (ooh look how smart I am, bringing up Chekhhov’s gun! Don’t forget Greedo’s Laser Gun, which states that Han Shot First) The main thing I got from thing from it is that while everyone thinks they are the hero of their own story, then we are all assholes standing in the path of someone else’s glorious road towards happiness, success, whatever.  It was kind of like being in a really warm room, sure it’s stuffy but it’s comforting at the same time;  however, if you linger in it for too long, or don’t take off your pants, it will drive you mad. Which is why I forced myself to really get down and read this thing. One phrase that made me laugh is, “Democracy Pays Handsome Dividends.”

A few years ago Time magazine had Franzen on it’s cover with the words Great American Novelist, which is whatever. But that got me thinking about The Great American Novel. There’s not only one, but the one that bubbles up to the surface is Jurassic Park. Where are the sequels to Moby Dick? How come there are not action figures based on East of Eden? Where is the blockbuster version of Crime and Punishment (wait a minute). Plus how many people are still to this day freaking out about messing with anythings DNA? How many holiday dinners were ruined with a refusal to eat unless the veggies were non gmos? And think about how rich it made MC, which is truly The American Dream. Plus, dinosaurs!

Oh yeah,it’s a new year! One of the highlights so far is that just after midnight I highjacked the sound system to play Bring the Ruckus by The Wu Tang Clan

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