I would’ve cried to my death


Chavela Vargas – No Volvere

Hi! This is one of my favorite renditions of one of my favorite songs. I’m lucky I never got to watch Chavela live because I would’ve cried to my death, it would’ve been really embarrassing. What’s going on? Besides dread? And hatred? How’s your immediate goings on going? I’m reading a book named Power by a zen/buddhist priest, it’s sweet. But you know I’m always down for some sitting there and shutting up, despite it being one of the worst things that can happen when i don’t hype myself up for it. I’m purging my book shelves so if you want a book from me hit me up, you know i like some good stuff. Why? Because all of those books are doing me no good just sitting there! Like many fans of the printed word i have books that i haven’t even read! Ah it’s so sick! If you got a book of mine, please keep it, or pass it on, or cut it up, or do whatever, like i usually say whenever i give a book to someone, “It’s your problem now.” I was thinking of keeping all of my my books on magic and superstition, but i just got rid of 87% percent of my comic books without even thinking about it, and there are actual ritualistic things around those fuckers! So why even bother with books about shit that’s made up? So why keep my novels? I’m for sure keeping my copy of The Lost World, Moby Dick, Infinite Jest, Ulysses, my last copy of Dracula (at one point i had 4 of those!), all of my Lovecraft, Robert E Howard, Moorcock, Leiber, half of my Heinlein, Adams, all of my philosophy books, this one book i have just titled Weapons, both copies of Dante’s Inferno, Fagle’s and Lattimore’s Illiad AND Odyssey, my Heminways (For Whom the Bell Tolls, Death in the Afternoon), Conspiracy of Dunces, Cisneros, any books on science/astrophysics/whatever. If this hurts going through my cds and records is going to be excruciating! I have a lot of great travel books but I never go anywhere despite that inspiration. But you can also say I have a lot of death metal yet I’ve never been found guilty of necrophilia. Last thing, top authors by volume, in no order: Hunter S Thompson, Heinlein, Robert E Howard, Moorcock, Lovecraft, Bryson. Words are the worst drug.

Tonight I went to a pretty cool house party. It’s always odd seeing bands not perform in basements, but it happened on a second floor tonight. I was among the oldest people there and the first band was playing what may have been classic rock to the audience there. Terrifying. Luckily video games and Star, both Trek and Wars, are a thing. Also I’m a charming gentlemen. I met someone that reminds me so much of my friends that it is uncanny. Had lots of beer, should’ve brought some whiskey, or better yet tequila or malort. Ah well.

Here’s a partier version of the same song by Los Tigres del Norte, who are legends in their own right!

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