a bucket of their tears

I just watched Young Frankenstein for like the 112th time. I was introduced to YF by my friend Gabe when I was 14, it was preceded by him saying, “I can’t believe you’ve never seen Young Frankenstein!” Luckily by then I already had already been exposed to Mel Brooks’ movies, I wasn’t raised by wolves you know. Robin Hood: Men in Tights and Dracula: Dead and Loving It! were perennial favorites at my house, between my sister, brother and me we wore those tapes down! God knows we’ve forgotten the Lord’s Prayer, and we all went to catholic school, but we can still do whole scenes from D:DaL in particular. If I wasn’t already inoculated  to Brooks’ brand of comedy I probably would’ve been repulsed by YF, there’s some real weight and madness to that flick, but I laughed my head off. YF was made even better when I got around to watching the original Frankentein and Bride of Frankenstein a little while afterward. Of course you know how that goes, you end up watching Dracula and then next thing you know you’re sitting in a darkened theater on Saturday afternoon watching Freaks (Which sounds kind of like a bummer, like I could’ve been out enjoying life, but I went with a friend and it was their idea!), earlier in the week you were shocked at how many of your COLLEGE class mates had never seen the Cabinet of Dr Caligari, there you were thinking these people were somewhat learned!  What was the last time you saw a great horror movie? It’s been a while for me, although I hear good things about Get Out. The Conjuring 2 was alright, but one of my friends came up with an even better ending that the one in the movie, it’s been months and I still chuckle when I think of it.

After work today I stopped by the mcdonalds by Fullerton and Lincoln. It’s not a great idea to go to mcdonalds in the first place, but this one is the true low point of the day. The place seems like it’s lit by 25 watt bulbs, the floor is this terrible tile that always looks dirty, and the smeary mop job doesn’t help, like an employee was mopping with a bucket of their tears. There’s always a receipt on the floor, at least one crumpled fry packaging, and a broken toy that looks like it’s been floating around in the ocean for a while before finding its way back to it’s breeding grounds to spawn. It’s wedged shaped so the furniture always looks out of best, I’d  say it’s like a  drawing by MC Escher if he was hungover but that would be an improvement. The counter where you order is almost enclosed like a confessional booth designed for/by the dmv. There’s always someone there with some that seems like an alien or a being not from this dimension in a human suit, sometimes they’re the one giving you your food, either way I can imagine them either sucking up the syrup they use for the fountain drinks or expelling it. It’s a dismal fucking place, always the low point of your day if you end up there, but hey they got ALL DAY BREAKFAST. That place has to be mentioned in at least one translation of Dante’s Inferno.

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