venison jerky and cheap brandy

I was reading this article/preview this article/preview for a book about this kind of hermit and his eventual capture. The point is that there’s a WEBSITE for the COMMUNITY of hermits and they even got a FORUM. That’s weird! But I dig that they shine a spotlight on various world wide hermits. Back in the day rich people with sumptous gardens would hire out people to be live in hermits. Right now I can tell you’re thinking, “You’re full of shit man!” I wish I could even begin to make up stuff like that! Here’s an article about it from the the always interesting Atlas Obscura. And for the record I am full of venison jerky and cheap brandy, which I decided sounds like something a hermit would have for dinner, so I did in honor of these weirdos. The whole ornamental hermit thing sounds like a pretty sweet gig, something I would be good at. I wouldn’t be a great actual hermit because I like things like cheeseburgers and almost ice cold Mexican pops way too much.

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