some truly fantastic Mcgyvers

I just read Candy Girl by Diablo Cody, it’s the memoir of her time spent stripping and who doesn’t love stripper stories? Who knew that there were so many strip clubs in Minnesota! What else is up there? Indie rock? The land of Prince? Well now I know there’s a healthy amount of strip clubs up there, which kinda makes sense considering those long cold winters. There’s this genre of memoir where a highly intelligent/literate person goes and hangs out with people on the fringe of society, Hell’s Angels by H.S. Thompson and Amongst the Thugs by B. Buford, and has a high time of it until they end up getting their ass kicked by those people. Luckily D.C. doesn’t end up getting the boots put to her by  bunch of strippers, but you can add it to that canon. Initially I thought it was going to be super scandalous and seamy, but it’s almost wholesome. Sure there’s seam, it’s about strippers and peep shows, but Candy Girl doesn’t veer in lurid territory. It’s also funny as hell. It’s good stuff. Maybe good for some monster who looks down on strippers.

If you want rampant drugs, blood, and mayhem you gotta check out Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. The best part so far is that Bourdain also share my anti-brunch sentiments, but from a more technical standpoint. I will still use his arguments for my moral crusade.

I’ve been working the night shift at a front desk of a local hostel for the last week. It’s been a lot of stuff to take in, and tonight being the first night that I’m doing solo, I’m just hoping I don’t burn the place to the ground. I used to work there a while back ago as a building engineer, but then I worked at ace hardware for a while, which wasn’t the best as I felt stultified there. When I was previously working at the hostel it helped keep me pretty responsible as I a. actually had to do stuff, a good portion of which kept me on my toes, every once in a while coming up with some truly fantastic Mcgyvers b. since I had to be there at 7 am every single day I couldn’t go out carousing and generally getting into Waitsian nights as often as I would. Now, since I don’t have nights to get try and pickle my brain with various alcohols I’m expecting the same. But this time I won’t have to paint as many wall and snake as many toilets. Plus who among us hasn’t wanted to be a night shift weirdo? And I get to take naps as late as 7 pm, like some kind of sultan.

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