slipping on a banana peel to earth

I’ve been digging this painting, The Martyrdom of St. George by Paolo Veronese.


I’m not sure where I saw it, but I’ve had it in a browser tab for a few days. At first I was like, St. George St. George? Because most depictions have him slaying the dragon, those are from medieval times, this one is from the renaissance. And yeah, it’s St. George, you can see that the crowd has taken his armor and sword. There’s cherubim who isn’t so much descending from the heavens, but slipping on a banana peel to earth, bringing a laurel wreath and what I think is a palm frond. The only figure looking towards to the skies is St. George himself. I’m not sure who the figures next to Mary and the infant Jesus are, or even if the figures who are about to martyr St. George are explicitly meaningful. Despite the fact that I don’t consider myself christian, I do enjoy seeing art like this as there’s a lot of symbolism and meaning behind such works. The best part is that someone made that, and that is the true testament right there, human ingenuity, technique, and story.

A neat article about dragons up on

While we’re talking about neat websites check out Ancient History Encyclopedia. It’s packed with lots of cool stuff.

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