The jagged miasma of sleep deprivation

Et Tu, Babe by Mark Leyner is a novel about a Mark Leyner, author, magnificent psychical specimen, lover, and overall liver of life. It starts off with going at an alarming rpm and doesn’t let up for a second. Before picking up this book I never had even heard of Mark Leyner, but I can imagine him hunched over his keyboard, ceaselessly hammering out words, but is that actually him or the fictional(?) Mark Leyner, with the cronies and the compound? And who among us hasn’t dream of having cronies and a compound, and fame, and riches, that’s the real American Dream right there. I’ve been reading for my own amusement/good/horror/occasional learning for about 23 years, so I kinda have an inkling of the game. Of course once you know how the game is set up, the hoop is an oval, pro wrestling is scripted, it can do either disappoint you OR it’ll let you enjoy it more. ETB is in on the game and lets you know it. Do you get what I’m saying? I was usually reading it after my night shift job, which usually leaves me feeling like my brain is a rotting orange wrapped in discount sandpaper. After dealing with foreign kids blasting the latest American pop hits and EDM, to the sudden almost silence of 3:50 am, just me and the hem and haws of the building. I’m not a fan of watching these sunrises that come from the necessity of having to work . Another one, I think, as the sky lurches from darkness to gray dawn which makes the alley feel like an overexposed photograph, hashtag no filter. The jagged miasma of sleep deprivation makes the short walk to the train station into a march through a different dimension. So after dealing with that getting to dig into this weird, sharp, bright, clean (like surgical, not wholesome) is definitely a mood lifter. Does John Waters know about this? I think he’d dig it. The book is also relentlessly funny. There’s a lot of really good bits in it, so one will find all sorts of thing to delight. One of my favorite quotes, which I will now use all the time is “Will I ever reconcile my inner contradictions? Is it so terribly wrong to live the way I do?” Fucking great.

I have been listening to way too much Tom Waits and Black Flag, so yesterday blasting some good old cheesy 80s hair rock felt like I was actually breathing without a struggle. Maybe because I was singing along and was actually breathing.

At work I found a bright red, see thru pen that had “Transylvania University” along with “Think Your Drink” printed on the barrel. Of course I was delighted! But then I made the mistake of looking it up and ended up finding out that T.U. is actually in Kentucky! Ok, that’s not so bad, maybe their mascot/team name is something like Transylvania U Vampires, or the werewolves, or the impalers, or the wolves, or the bats, or maybe, the Draculas! But no it’s the Transylvania University Pioneers! How lame! Even the Transylvania suckers would be an improvement.

I just found out that today is Dracula day! Great! Not just because, why not of course it’s Dracula day, it’s because the novel by Bram Stoker was released on this day in 1897. Of all the Draculas I have known one of my favorite renditions is Dracula: Dead and Loving it!


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