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the Dark Lord Angor

Now coming on the stage, a very funny guy, from the Ebony Tower of the Bone Ash Mountains, the Dark Lord Angor! “Whoa hey good to be here. Have you ever noticed how your most bumbling guards always have the … Continue reading

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Bigfoot’s biggest fans

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been fascinated by cryptids and the world of cryptozoology. The world is so full of weird and wonderful creatures, from chameleons that fit on the tip of your thumb, to whales with … Continue reading

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Certified Ramones

Joey Ramone Johnny Ramone Dee Dee Ramone Tommy Ramone Marky Ramone Richie Ramone C.J. Ramone Elvis Ramone Linda Ramone Rodney Ramone Wolfy Ramone Chuck Ramone Tony Ramone Prescott Ramone Baby Ramone Pinkie Ramone Kabir Ramone Charlie Ramone Immanuel Ramone Phoebe … Continue reading

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