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a fucked up zombie tornado

Yesterday I got a copy of D.O.A. Magazine #8 mainly because the book I had with me was bumming me out and I needed something to read on the bus, having deleted twitter on my phone earlier in the day. … Continue reading

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Dope trailer for a dope thing

Here’s the trailer for the latest episode of The World Underground, it is beautiful. You can watch the first episode at The World Underground’s website, and donate some moolah as well. ┬áROCK AND ┬áROLL!

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not my problem anymore

I first heard of Anthony Bourdain because of No Reservations way back when. I thought the whole thing was pretty cool, traveling to cool places, eating food, drinking liquids, and generally having a good time. I like cool places, I … Continue reading

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fucking meth freak out

Bands I saw this week: Penis Geyser: Almost incomprehensibly aggressive grind metal band composed of two guys. Sick stuff! Nice dudes! Cunts (from Japan): Holy shit, holy shit. Two dudes, one playing drums and one screaming like a poisoned animal. … Continue reading

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good psychedelic sheen

For dinner last night I had the second half of a sandwich I had for lunch and right before heading into the metro I had a shot of whiskey followed by an energy drink. Which tells you that I am … Continue reading

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What’s the equivalent of pulling a muscle, but for your voice? I’m pretty sure that just happened to me earlier as I drove home/sang along to Queen. The combination of lack of water, terrible pizza, and talking to people all … Continue reading

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Too long for twitter

After reading a piece on radiohead i felt like i havent paid them due attention but listening to their new track im sure ive given them attention they deserve. it’s not like they are terrible, but they’re just radiohead. that … Continue reading

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You know what’s fun? Drinking. I started a running list of songs that are good to drink to and it’s right here, or under the header if you want to feel fancy. Cheers!

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