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One might think, these dudes gotta lighten up

I’ve seen Samael live! I have Passages on cd! I bought it when I saw them at the metro like 14 years ago! I went to go see an opening band, but who knows which band. I don’t remember those … Continue reading

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shit has gone slightly awry

A little while ago I finally got spotify. There are too many goddamn songs. There are too many genres. It’s like giving an addict an unlimited supply of drug of choice. If I was up to me, all I would … Continue reading

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“Farewell happy fields, Where joy forever dwells: Hail, horrors, hail.”

Today’s painting is The Fall of the Damned by Peter Paul Rubens Look at this! Wow, that’s metal as fuck! I like all the monsters and beasts in this painting. When most people think of Rubens they think of Today’s … Continue reading

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Dope trailer for a dope thing

Here’s the trailer for the latest episode of The World Underground, it is beautiful. You can watch the first episode at The World Underground’s website, and donate some moolah as well.  ROCK AND  ROLL!

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slipping on a banana peel to earth

I’ve been digging this painting, The Martyrdom of St. George by Paolo Veronese. I’m not sure where I saw it, but I’ve had it in a browser tab for a few days. At first I was like, St. George St. … Continue reading

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30 today

I turned 30 today. Here’s the soundtrack to my day: Evil Has No Boundries – Slayer Nothing to Lose – The Stiffs Gracias a la Vida – Violeta Parra I Don’t Want to Grow Old – The Mint Chicks The … Continue reading

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Have you seen this trailer? It’s the kind of movie I was wishing for when I was watching Evil Dead 2 with the volume turned all the way down and Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All loud as fuck on my ad … Continue reading

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I think we’ve got some hoon trouble…

Hey. Have you seen the new trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road? No? You must! HELL FUCKING YEAH THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. If we get anything out of this flick at least it’s this fucking cool trailer! There’s lots … Continue reading

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