Thee Infinite Playlist

These are songs I heard on the radio, the internet, jukeboxes, live, playing on record stores, parties, internet radio, or whatever. This is by no means an exhaustive list of songs I like. I’ve heard My Sharona a thousand times, but maybe it really struck me that one time at the L & L.

The Pogues If I should fall from grace from god

The Pogues– Turkish Song of the Damned

Overkill – Headfirst – This song should play whenever someone looks up thrash in a dictionary. An epitome of thrash

Melody Gardt – Your heart is as black as night
The Kingstonians – Crime Don’t Pay

The Cramps – Garbage Man

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

The Bloody Hollies – Raised by Wolves

Into the crypt – Widower

Blood Royale – Let there be blood

Hank Williams – Crazy Heart

Affrika Bambata – World Destruction

Johnny Griffin – I remember you – The Congregation – Fantastic bowed bass solo in this one

Aseethe – Towers of dust

Glen Jones and Matthe Azevedo – Portrait of Basho as a young dragon

The Doors – Strange Days

Obsidian Sword – Prophet

Babymetal – Headbanger

Elle Jewell – Where they never say your name

L Cohen – Stories of the Streets

Buika – En el Ultimo Trago

Eydie Gormet & Los Panchos – Sabor a mi

Amy Winehouse– Valerie

The Frightnrs – All my tears – from Nothing More to Say, FANTASTIC album
Apparatt – Useless Information

Charles Bradley – Changes – I’m always intersted in unexpected Black Sabbath covers, this one is devastating

Metallica – Sad but True

Atomic Platters – Compilation album

The Kinks – You Really Got Me, from One for the Road
The Romantics – What I Like About You

The Knack – My Sharona

Marmalade – I’ve been around too long

Ghost – Waiting for the Night

Ghost – He Is

Ghost – Square Hammer

Ghost – Deus in Absentia -I basically love Ghost. They are everything I want from a ludicrous rock band

The Clash – Complete Control
Shuggie Williams – Strawberry Letter 23

Shuggie Williams – Aht uh mi hed

John Coltrane – Double Clutching

Run Dmc – It’s Tricky

King Gizzard – Rattlesnake

Soft Kill – Wake Up – Great bummer of a song

Pigs x 7 – Sweet Relief

Shaolin Afronauts – Journey Through Time

Cuco Sanchez – No volvere – Play this at my suicide

Amalia Rodriguez, Los Tigres Del Norte – Fallaste corazon

Bob Dylan – The Man in Me

Conor Oberst – Till St. Dymphna Kicks Us Out

Janis Martin – Bang Bang

The Thermals – I’m Gonna Change Your Life – This song will be the one for the trailer about my rise as and fall in a hail of bullets as a Jim Jones like figure

Muncie Girls – Gone with the wind

Cuco Sanchez – Pa que me sirve la vida

Howling – Howling (Ame remix)

Moderat – Running (Ame remix)

Lalo Guerrero – Pancho Claus

The Clash – Janie Jones

Gene Vincent – Race With the Devil

Sanford Clark – The Fool

Sanford Clark – They call me country

MOTO – Primeval

MOTO – All night Vivarin Jag

The Cramps – Let’s get fucked up

Tom Stormy w/Rhythm Sophie – Finders Keepers

The Clash – Police and thieves

The Cramps – Elvis Fuckin Christ

45 Grave – Evil

GG Allin – Bite it you scum

Social Distortion – Ball and Chain

Lydia Loveless – Jesus was a wino

Whiskeytown – Excuse me while i break my own heart

Little David Wilkins – King of all the taverns

Norma Jean – Pick me up on your way down

Christopher Tignor – Dead Letter Library

The Shaggs – Why do I feel

Ryo Fukui – It could happen to you

My Brightest Diamond – This is my hand

Goat- Goatfuzz

Heavenly – Bravery in the field

Kano – I’m ready

Dark Blue – Union of Buffoons – Great old school bad times music, highly recomnded

Super Unison – Prove yourself – HELL FUCKING YEAH

Ludovico Einaudi – Experience

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – I learned the hard way

The Ramones – Howling at the moon

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Mottai Nightland – This is worth it for the music video

Savages – Strife – Killlers

Skelentonwitch – Reduced to the failure of prayer

The Oath – All must die

Kano – I’m ready – Everyone loves old school electro

Tycho – Epoch

Giorgio Moroder – American Dream – This is my campaign song

Ray Charles – Mess Around

Miserycore – Helltrashers speed mayhem – !!!

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats – Mind Crawler

Prince Buster – Madness

The Sham – Cold City

Crystal Antles – Dog Days

Wadruna – Runaljod – Yggdrasil – Album

Insect Warfare – everything

Infant Annihilator – Unholy Gravebirth – Hilarious band name but man these fuckers can play!

Broncho – Class Historian

De La Soul – Me myself and I

Freddie Gibbs – Still Livin

Gunplay – Bible on the dash

Larry Norman – I wish we’d all been ready

Terrorhammer – Under the unholy command

The Angels – Let the night roll on

Unleash the Archers – Tonight We Ride

Gloryhammer – Rise of the Chaos Wizards – I’ll always have a soft spot for ridiculous power metal

Liquid Visions – Pink Cloud

Vashti Bunyan – I’d like to walk around in your mind

White Harvest – Be Strong in the lord – great apocalytpic stuff here

The Rising Storm – Frozen Laughter – fucking terrifying

Tyranex – Witches gathering

Sonny Criss – Stolen Moments

Danielle Dax – Cathouse

Couch Slut – Replacement Addiction

Sanford Clark – Better Go Home

The Stargazer Lillies – Heaven and hell – this is the song for the trailer for Micheal Gondry’s Divine Comedy trilogy, or it would be if there was any justice in the world

Robbie Fulks – When you get to the bottom

Reverend Bizarre – Strange Horizon

Brody Dalle – Hybrid Moments – B.D. would be an amazing country singer

GG Allin – Die when you die

Thee Open Sex – Light of Love

Xibalba – Death threat

Angel Dust – Stay – Weird song. You know tough guy hardcore? Well this is tough guy pop punk or something.

Angel Olsen – Some things cosmic

Homeboy Sandman – Real New York

Kvelertak – Beserkr

William Elliot Whitmore – Diggin’ My Grave

The Repos – Poser – EP? Whatever it’s 13 minutes of pure punk rock mayhem

Gary Numan – M.E.

Gary Numan – Metal – I’m kinda glad I didn’t go see G.N. at the Metro because I would’ve gotten drunk and rowdy and kicked out

Night Demon – Screams in the Night

Youth Code – Commitment to complications – Nice and industrial

Chris Abrahams – The stones continued intermittently – great atmospheric track. Really sets the mood. What mood? Lurking around in an abandoned castle of course!

The Pogues – Streams of Whiskey

Sturgill Simpson – Turtles all the way down

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Full Force – I wonder if I take you home – This song was stuck in my head for days. Freestyle is bound to make a comeback any day now

Jim Reeves – This world is not my home

Jack Greene – I think i’ll go somewhere and cry myself to sleep

Tammy Wynette – Your Good girls gonna go bad

The Bad Plus – Life on mars

Tone Loc + Peaches – Wild Thing RMX – I was so annoyed when I realized that this song samples Jamie’s Crying by Van Halen because mere hours before I was thinking about basically the same sample!

Wanda Jackson – Cowboy Yodel

Leadbelly – When I was a cowboy

Mothers – Hold your own hand

Borghesia – secret affair no. 1

Mahalia Jackson – Lord don’t move the mountain

Merle Haggard – Tonight the bottle let me down

Grand Magus – Steel vs steel

Los Malandrines – Me vale

New Order – Ceremony (the og. 7″ single version is amazing)

Lady Leshurr – Queen’s Speech ep. 4 – What the fuck is up with UK rap?

JD McPherson – North side gal – NOT AN OLDIE WTF

Nuclear Assault – Critical Mass

Metz – IOU – these dudes rule, they are my favorite parts of nirvana but with more hatred

Mark Collie – In Time

Chuck Berry – You Never Can Tell


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